Voice enabled Warehouse Management

Introducing our End-to-End Speech Solution Platform

Voice and multi-modal solutions have become powerful forces in distribution operations around the globe. Warehouse and storage operations are looking to voice technology for highly efficient, hands-free capabilities in order picking and beyond. Datasmith Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Connect and grow your business

Grow beyond the limits of your basic accounting software.
Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that’s easy to use and adapt, helping you connect your business and make smarter decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of
intelligent business applications that enable your
organization to grow, evolve and transform.

These applications unify CRM and ERP
capabilities with purpose-built applications that
work seamlessly together to help manage
specific business functions and allow your
organization to transform to meet customer
needs and capture new opportunities.

Provide personalized, contextual interactions on any device
through the self or assisted channel of choice and

Provide agents with intuitive access to everything they need
to deliver fast, effective service – with tools that are at their
fingertips on a single application.

Adjust at the pace of business through actionable insights
that anticipate the rapidly changing needs of customers
and your brand.

Honeywell Productivity

Honeywell Productivity is bringing voice technology to small, medium distribution centers with SAP Business One to improve picking.

Datasmith CSD for Sage Evolution

Datasmith CSD enables compliance with National Treasury’s CSD requirements for State Owned Entities using Sage Evolution.
The solution is quick to implement, easy to use and requires little maintenance.

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