Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016: System-Wide New Features

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016: Application New Features

Getting started with Microsoft dynamics crm 2016 from Firoz CT

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ERP software: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 product overview and business benefits

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 enables you to run your business the way you want to

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is a richly featured business management solution that allows you to use familiar, powerful software to operate and grow your business.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 removes needless obstacles to the productivity and effectiveness of the people and processes in your business. Connecting all your business processes in one streamlined, flexible management infrastructure, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 allows your people to do their jobs in the way they like, at outstanding levels of productivity. The solution also provides you with ways to build stronger, more productive relationships with your key stakeholders—customers and trading partners. The extensive reporting and collaborative capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 give you the information you need to make informed business decisions. Microsoft Dynamics partners can also help you implement and fine-tune the solution to ensure that you reap the best possible results from it.

Empower people with familiar software

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 presents the feel and functionality of familiar software your people use every day—Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office Word, and Microsoft Office Excel. If your employees are comfortable with the Microsoft Office system programs, they will find their way with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 rapidly—they can perform their jobs with greater productivity and satisfaction, and achieve the business results you need with optimal efficiency.

• Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 not only presents the same user interface as Microsoft Office applications, but also lets you work with information from the business management solution directly within these Microsoft Office system programs.
• Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is designed to work the way people work, with personalized views to get the data they want when they need it.
• Time needed for training and familiarization is minimized—people can start working efficiently with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 quickly.

The following sections describe enhancements included in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016.

Web Client enhancements

The user interface for the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client has been refreshed to provide a more updated
appearance. The banner in space now enables users to log in and log out, as well as indicating what company they’re
logged into number of enhancements to the user experience.

Support for additional browsers and mobile devices

Web Client now includes support for multiple devices, including iPad and Android tablets, as well as using multiple web
browsers. The supported browsers include:

• Internet Explorer
• Microsoft Edge
• Safari
• Chrome

Open Web Client windows using search

A new search feature let you locate and open windows through search. The new search feature also works with
applications that integrate with the Web Client.

Ability to scan multiple pages

When you’re using the scan function that’s part of the Document Attachment feature, you now can scan more than one
page at a time if you’re using a document feeder. Previously Document Attachment could scan only one page
at a time.
With GP 2016 we will have the ability to use the Document Attachment scanning functionality to scan in multiple pages
(instead of one at a time). Supported scanners need to use WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) technology, along with a
document feeder. The scanning process creates files in .TIF format.

Word templates for batch approval workflow

Workflow batch approvals now have a default Word template for the edit list for the following batches in the
following areas:

• General Ledger
• Payables
• Receivables

The edit lists can be emailed to an approver to provide complete information about the transactions in the batches before approving the workflow step.

Workflow condition management

New options are available for automatically processing workflows when something in the workflow doesn’t meet
specified conditions. If a condition is not met, the workflow can continue to the next step or it can be rejected.
Prior to this change, you could specify conditions under which action is required for a step in a workflow. If the
condition set for a step wasn’t met, the step would not be run, nor would any subsequent steps be run. If there were no
parallel steps running, then the workflow would end at the step where the condition was not met, and the step status
was set to No Action Needed.

With this enhancement, two additional options will be added letting you select the action that occurs when a condition
isn’t met. The first is to continue to the next step in the workflow. Rather than stopping the workflow completely if a
condition isn’t met, the step that doesn’t meet the condition won’t be completed, but the workflow moves to the next step in the sequence. This allows you to create workflows that contain steps that are completed only if specific conditions, but that don’t stop the workflow if the conditions aren’t met.

The second option is to reject the workflow if the condition for the step is not met. This allows the user to set up a
workflow that automatically rejects documents based on specif ic conditions, rather than having a user manually review
and reject the document.

Workflow reassignment notifications

Now you can conf igure a workflow to automatically notify a new approver when they need to act on a workflow that’s
in process. Notif ications can be sent to a new approver for who was delegated to the workflow, who is part of an
escalation process, or who is an alternate approver.

Configurable OData Service points added

Now you can define end-points for an OData Service, which allows Dynamics GP data to be read by any tool that
supports OData feeds. The open data protocol, typically referred to as OData, defines a data model and a protocol that
can let any client access information that’s exposed by any data source.

OData Service deployment enhancements

OData Service is now available with Dynamics GP as a separate install. You can access the installation option under the Additional Products selection in the Dynamics GP installation program. The service is available for single-tenant
implementations only.

Business Intelligence enhancements

Import and export SmartLists from SmartList Designer

Now you can export and import SmartList definitions that have been created with SmartList Designer from one install
to another. This is handy for partners who create SmartLists for one customer, then import them into an implementation
for another customer. Customers can use the same functionality to export and import SmartLists across sites or

SmartLists created in SmartList Designer have default columns defined in the Options window

All the columns that are included in new SmartLists that are created in the SmartList Designer will be displayed in the
SmartList Options window by default. From the Options window, you can include or exclude columns from the default
view. You can also change order in which the columns display.

Export numbers to Excel, formatted as numbers

When a report is exported to Excel, numbers will now be formatted as numbers. Prior to this change, numbers were
formatted as text in Dynamics GP reports that were exported to Excel.

Power BI reports can be added to home pages

A new web part has been added to Home Pages that allow users to easily add Power BI Reports to their workspace. To
display a report, check the Power BI box, and then click the blue arrow to go into the Power BI Details window. This
window will show you the available reports that you can add to your Home Page.

Once you’ve added reports you will have a Power BI section added to the home page. You can scroll through the
available reports here. You can expand the size of the window to be larger or smaller as needed. Clicking on a report
will launch the report in your browser, as long as Pop-up blocker is disabled. You can’t modify the reports within the Power BI window on the GP Home Page.

Create SmartList from the Favorite using SmartList Designer

You can create a new SmartList from a favorite using SmartList Designer. And you can do so without having to remove
extra columns from the default SmartList. Currently when you create a copy of a SmartList it takes the default SmartList and uses that to make the new one. With this enhancement, you can create a copy from a favorite which has different columns (usually less) than the default.

Financial enhancements enhancements

Budget import exception report

When you import a budget from Excel, an exception report will list accounts that aren’t set up in General Ledger, as well as any duplicates that are found in the import file. You can use Transaction Entry windows to edit the transactions to use existing accounts, or create the accounts that are listed on the exception report.

Scotia Bank EFT format added as a default EFT file format

The electronic file format used by the Canada-based Scotia Bank is now one of the default EFT formats available in
Microsoft Dynamics GP. Default formats are available for use in electronic transactions for both sales and purchases.

Analytical Accounting user access settings

The process for giving users access to Analytical Accounting transaction dimension codes is now more efficient. You can use the User Access to Trx Dimension Codes window, in Analytical Accounting, to grant this access to multiple users. Prior to this change, access to transaction dimension codes was granted one user at a time.

Payables batch credit card payment option

An option has been added that enables payables computer check batches to be paid using a credit card. The payment will create an invoice for the credit card vendor and a remittance form will print that list the invoices that were paid with that credit card transaction. A new Card Name f ield has been added to the Payables Batch Entry window to use a credit card as the payment method for a specific batch. A credit card record must be set up in the Credit Card Setup window. You can use either bank card or a credit card, but the invoice will be created for the credit card vendor only if that vendor is assigned to the credit card.

Edit attachments that flow to transactions

You can edit information in attachments that included on transactions through the document attachment function. This
feature allows you to edit the attachment properties of a document that flowed from a master record. For example, in
the case where information flowed from customer to a sales Quote, you might then want to send it to the customer via
email. Now you can mark the email checkbox to help automate that task.

In addition, you can manage how information flows to transactions using options that have been added as part of this
enhancement. From the Document Attachment Management window, you can open the Attachment Properties
window. The option allows you to define and choose whether or not information can flow into document attachments,
and whether or not attachments can be sent via email.

Deposit cash receipts batches automatically

When you mark the option to automatically post cash deposits, and you post a batch that includes cash receipts from
Receivables Management, a single deposit will be created that includes all the cash receipts in the batch. This batch post happens wherever you batch-post something that has cash received, such as cash receipts, receivables transactions, or sales transactions. If you post receivables transactions at the transaction level, each cash receipt will result in a separate deposit being created and posted.

Payroll enhancements

Inactive pay codes lookup option

There is now an option to exclude inactive pay codes from lookup windows throughout Payroll. A drop-down list in the Pay Codes window to select all pay codes to include in lookup windows, or to exclude the inactive codes. The option is available for Employee Pay Codes and Pay Codes lookup windows.

Enhanced Payroll posting accounts setup

Now you can see all posting accounts in a navigation list and f ilter and sort accounts using the functionality that’s typically available for navigation lists. You also can export the accounts to Excel, edit them there, and then import them. On the import, an exception report will print when there are any duplicate accounts, missing accounts or when there are payroll data or other issues that cause the record import to fail.