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Excel Insight Training

Excel Insight
½ day
21 May 2014
23 June 2014
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Insight – The power lies in its simplicity

The spreadsheet is still the most popular financial reporting tool to date. Insight Extends the spreadsheets flexibility and power by allowing the user to create any financial report imaginable in any format desired – all within the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel.


Designed for simplicity;
Seamless integration with Excel;
Brings specific General Ledger data to your spreadsheet from Current and Prior years;
Brings budget data to your spreadsheet from your General Ledger;
Consolidates data across multiple companies;
Converts multiple company currencies upon consolidation to a user specified reporting currency;
Utilises Reporting Units to group companies for reporting purposes;
Allows drill down to the detail behind account or account range balances;
Allows drill down into native Excel sheets or an external drill down window;
Ability to view the actual transaction in the General Ledger at the click of a button from within Excel;
Allows creation of dynamic rows that expand at the user request, based on account ranges;
Utilises both account numbers and/or account categories to retrieve data from the General Ledger;
Allows a look up into the General Ledger master data from within Excel.
Enterprise Functionality

Multi-Company Consolidation
Multi-Country Consolidations
Remote Data with Synchronisation
Dynamic Rows
Custom Entities
Custom Foreign Currency exchange rates
Support Large Datasets
Live Data
Export drill downs to Excel
Drill down grouping
Pivot table support