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Optimize Your Workflow Performance with Voice

In these challenging times, it’s a balancing act to drive profitable growth and streamline existing processes to
further reduce costs and make an efficient business run even better. Honeywell can help you identify additional
ways to reduce your operating costs, while supporting increased workforce productivity and greater worker accuracy.

Honeywell is a leading provider of innovative voice technology solutions, helping companies with mobile workers
run a better business with voice. Honeywell’s Vocollect™ voice solutions provide you with streamlined best-in-class
business processes to take your organization to the next level of operating efficiency. Our extensive supply chain
industry domain expertise has helped us successfully onboard almost one million mobile workers around the world.

Honeywell offers the number one voice solution in the industry, specifically designed to fully leverage existing
enterprise resource planning (ERP) and warehouse management system (WMS) technology investments with the
industry’s broadest and deepest data integration solution portfolio. We provide an elegantly integrated solution
from the headset to host data system for maximum worker confidence and ergonomics. Honeywell is proud to lead
the industry forward with our market-leading Vocollect A700 Series solutions that optimize voice and scanning.
Delivering results starts with our Value Engagement Process, where our team learns more about your specific
business objectives as we gain an understanding of your detailed operational and workflow processes. We meet
with key management to better understand the prioritization of the business issues that you want to address.
Together, we will physically walk through one of your targeted facilities to document and observe workers
executing various tasks. Our observations and recommendations go well beyond just where voice technology
could add quantifiable business value. After all, we want to help you run a better business with voice.

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Contact: brandon@datasmith.co.za / +27 (0)21 425 0005