Datasmith CSD for Sage Evolution

Integrated with Sage Evolution
The supplier master integration is used on first data synchronization. All Evolution suppliers are submitted to the cloud service with their MAAA numbers, as an automated process. The service then responds with the compliance status of each supplier. In one shot all existing suppliers’ CSD compliance status is updated in Evolution.

From that point on any changes to a supplier in CSD will update Evolution. This is also an automated process, to ensure all suppliers’ CSD compliance status stays up to date, in Evolution.

Search Sage CSD for New Suppliers
Employees at state owned entities registered on Sage CSD, can search using any combination of fields; Name, MAAA number, supplier type, industry, compliance status, location and commodity.

Roll down New Suppliers
After the search for a new supplier is complete. A user can then select to roll down the supplier to Evolution. This action creates the new prospective supplier in Evolution, with the details from CSD, including; supplier name, contact people, telephone, fax, email, address, Vat number, Company registration and bank details. Once in Evolution the approval process is followed to create them as a supplier.