Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Microsoft Office System

Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Incorporating workflow automation into business-specific processes can help organizations maximize efficiency, practice proactive management, and respond quickly to changing conditions. When deployed with Microsoft® OfficeSharePoint® Server 2007, Microsoft DynamicsTM GP 10.0 delivers straightforward, flexible workflow capabilities that automate alerts and notifications for key business tasks.


Pre-Defined Workflow Processes
The six pre-defined workflow processes are General Ledger batch approval, Receivables Management batch approval, Payables Management batch approval, Purchase Order approval, credit limit override in Sales Order Processing, and Sales Quote approval.

Flexible Access to Approval Processes
Participate in the approval process without being granted permissions in Microsoft Dynamics GP. As long as the user has access to the Internet, and is connected to their domain, they can perform an approval task through Office SharePoint Server 2007 or Microsoft Office Outlook.

User-Defined Workflow Processes
Set up workflow using a flexible and easy-to-use setup experience which includes a variety of common approval scenarios.

Appropriate team members receive workflow alerts that are information-only messages based on workflow rule conditions. The system also delivers task notifications and FYI notifications. A task notification informs the recipient of a to-do item that requires action.
An FYI notification informs the recipient of a workflow action that has taken place on a workflow document. Both alerts and notifications trigger automatic updates to the user’s Microsoft Dynamics GP role tailored page, Office SharePoint Server 2007, and Office Outlook. Team members will also receive notifications via the Microsoft Dynamics GP Desktop

Audit Trail
Users know exactly where the document or task is within the approval process. Each step within the defined workflow process is displayed with the document or batch in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Dates associated with the actions taken, as well as associated comments and workflow history, are also displayed. Overall, these audit trails help ensure that employees follow company and industry-wide guidelines and policies.

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