Datasmith Payments Integrations

For Microsoft Dynamics GP

Datasmith Payments Integrations provides an easy way to process payments or receipts through generating electronic files. Payments or Receipts can be paid against individual transactions or consolidated i.e. single payment against multiple invoices. Datasmith Payments Integrations allows user to import creditor statement and auto or manual reconcile against Great Plains transactions.

More than one company bank information can be configured in order to choose the relevant bank account for EFT payments or receipts. More than one bank information can be configured against vendor or debtor. One can specify default bank information for easy processing.

Marked invoices which needs to be paid, Datasmith Payments Integrations will generate payment in Great Plains and apply it against invoices as well as generate electronic file for online bank processing. Electronic file layouts are pre-configured in the system.

Creditor statements can be imported from electronic file or manually captured. Once the statement is saved, users can reconcile creditor statement with Great Plains transaction. There are options to Auto-match or manually match the transaction. Auto-match reconciles the transactions based on document number or amount.


  • Multiple company, vendor and debtor bank information
  • EFT Payment batches can be created
  • Capture Creditor Statements manually, or by importing electronic statements
  • Match the Creditors Statement to the Great Plains data
  • Add reconciliation comments for each transaction
  • A Full Reconciliation Statement History is kept


  • Auto Apply feature allows matching by document number or amount
  • Terms Discounts can be automatically calculated and taken
  • Various payment calculation methods available for each Creditor
  • Automated payment generation and apply against invoices
  • Detailed level security for batch creation process