Bidvest eCommerce Integration

BluePepper is the ecommerce development division of Bidvest New Zealand. BluePepper develop and deploy an integrated suite of Web enabled eCommerce trading products, including an online shop and supplier portal and EDI gateway, to a number of companies around the globe.

The key to the products success is its tight integration into the host companies existing ERP systems, making the entire solution operate seamlessly as one. This integration is achieved through the implementation of a web-services based XML gateway, which integrates the two environments via a precisely defined interface.

No two ERP systems are the same, and a critical success factor in a successful implementation of the BluePepper solution is getting this interface implemented in a manner which meets the specific operational rules of the business and, at the same time, meets the challenges of efficiency, speed and robustness demanded by such real-time online e-trading platforms.

Early in 2012 BluePepper began to deploy its eCommerce ( solution to Bidvest Foodservice South Africa. As part of this process, Datasmith were engaged by Bidvest South Africa to be the local systems integrations specialists tasked with developing the client’s side or the ERP integration interface. For this challenge, it is critical for BluePepper to have local expertise on hand with high technical and development capability to liaise and work with the local business knowledge experts.

The Datasmith team rose to this challenge in a manner which made them appear to be a seamless extension of the BluePepper implementation team. As a result of the close cooperation and commitment to the task at hand, the development proceeded through the cycles of implementation testing and optimization in an exceptionally efficient manner.

Most noticeable was that we saw none of the common polarization that can occur between teams on complex projects of this nature. There were no “us and them” conflict situations, the focus at all times was on delivering a world class product as a unified team, resolving issues as they arose and striving for the highest quality deliverable. From a BluePepper perspective they were the perfect partner.

The final solution speaks for its self. went live in June 2012 with great expectation; it performed flawlessly, first time; To quote the prime customer, Alan Jochens, Bidvest ecommerce manager for Foodservice in South Africa…

“The go live was almost an anti-climax, it just worked, almost nothing to do. I’m sure that’s the way we all wanted it.”

BluePepper are currently exploring further opportunities for implementing its solutions in South Africa and Datasmith will certainly be at the top of our shopping list when it comes to selecting an integration partner.